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Magali Trivino is passionate about matter, the different states and occupations it can take in space.

This research on matter will lead him to experiment with it, manipulate it, transform it.

Studies in plastic arts and science of art   will allow him to go even further in his reflection and to deepen his work on the material.

  Artist very committed to art, in parallel with her artistic practice she leads workshops for all ages but also does replacements as a 2nd degree teacher

Playing with the codes of academic painting, but not too much, just what is necessary to be unique is what amuses me.

I take other paths

Through my artistic work I modify the dimension of the canvas creating an intermediate space

  with that   who approach it.

A window, a door open

They open to welcome, to invite to enter.

Bring together different media whose marriage is improbable in order to arouse astonishment, surprise, questioning.  

An invitation to   dive into another universe   by looking,   gesture and touch.

The  places represented are not precise, they are fantasized, dreamed.

A back and forth between two worlds

I wish you a good visit and for more details on a work contact me!

Questions ?
A desire to acquire a canvas? 
Do not hesitate to contact me.

06 21 05 24 29

Siret/ 38398537100020

Member of the house of artists 

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